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Somali Education History
Before the onset of the war in 1990, education system was fully managed and controlled by the government. Somalia had one National University which offered thirteen faculties.
The education system in Somalia then was free starting from primary, secondary and University level.
in 1990, Civil war broke that vandalized all social amenities. Education being one of them was destroyed: schools were completely demolished as a result of the civil war.
The revival of the schools started in 1993 by Non Governmental Organizations
( NGO’S ) One of the first NGO’S to embark on the program of re-establishing
schools was, world concern Irish which set up primary schools in different parts of Somalia, for instance in Mogadishu, Baydhabo and Wajid district. Other NGO’S that followed suit immediately were Goal and DBG. These NGO’S opened twenty two primary schools, mainly grade 1-4 and their medium of instruction was English When the Arab NGO’S saw what the western NGO’S were assenting the schools in Somalia, they also sent there NGO’S For instance Africa Muslim Agency ( AMA ), Muslims Aid UK and DAWA. Were The Organizations which started to open primary schools and
introduced new syllabi from the countries they represented and their medium of instruction was Arabic.

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